Case Management

Client Services oversees the case management, programs and activities of all residents and works with the resident leadership to identify service gaps. Staff establishes relationships with the developers, contractors and private management teams to ensure that the best interests and needs of the residents are met.

Thanks to HANO’s partnership with Southern University of New Orleans (SUNO), social work students obtaining their BSW and MSW degrees can perform an internship with HANO to assist with case management, needs assessments, grant writing and program implementation.


As HANO undergoes a massive redevelopment process – replacing older developments with modern housing -- Client Services manages the relocation of all displaced residents during this process. We strive to ensure that residents are treated fairly, consistently and equitably so they will not suffer unnecessary hardships as a result of the activities designed for the benefit of HANO residents as a whole.

Relocation has successfully assisted 75 percent of Scattered Site residents since November 2009 and is preparing to relocate the remaining residents. Many of the vacated scattered site units are currently under contract for major renovations, and we expect to return most of our relocated residents to their former scattered site units upon completion.