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Welcome Housing Choice Voucher Program Landlords! Good relationships between the Housing Authority of New Orleans and landlords are key to the program's success.

Please remember:

  • Your main point of contact is your HANO Case Manager.
  • Always comply with all Fair Housing and Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.
  • Inform HANO when and if there are any changes in ownership and/or utility changes.
  • Do not allow a tenant to move into the unit until there is an approved inspection, approved rent, signed lease and signed HAP contract.
  • Continued occupancy will be based on your unit being in good standing with all Housing Assistance payments provisions as well as passing all required inspections.

Listing your Property

HANO is going paperless. Effective Date 11/17/2017

In just one easy step, a landlord can advertise their property to thousands of potential residents. You can click here to access HANO's Housing Choice Connect.

Our HANO Housing Choice Connect allows participating Landlords to list available rental properties as well.

Click here to access HANO's Housing Choice Connect >>

The property listed must be available ten (10) days before you list it and will remain on the Housing Choice Connect for 30 days.

Once your property has been listed, you may be contacted by a prospective tenant. Important things to remember are – the property must be ready for occupancy ten days prior to listing it, you must complete the necessary documentation required by HANO HCV Program, and before your unit can be occupied by a tenant, a HQS Inspection must be completed by a HANO inspector and pass inspection to conclude the HCVP occupancy process.

If you need assistance with the Housing Choice Connect, please contact Tech Help Desk, Edith Battiste at (504)670-3410 or via email

If you have questions or need assistance, please submit via email to

Exception Payment Standards

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