Donna Johnigan
President/CEO, B.W. Cooper Resident Management Corporation

Donna Johnigan is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the B.W. Cooper Resident Management Corporation. She is a life-long resident of affordable housing, and has been involved in the affordable housing and governance movement for over 30 years.

For the past 30 years, she has served the B. W. Cooper residents through her active involvement in the property management of the B.W. Cooper housing development, its client services division and resident empowerment activities via a contract with Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO).

In January 2015, Johnigan was nominated by her peers and selected by Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu to serve on the HANO Board of Commissioners. Ms. Johnigan understands that all commissioners must address the legislative priorities of the agency, but she knows her role is to also serve as an advocate for all affordable housing residents at-large.

Ms. Johnigan is a dedicated community leader with experience in working on numerous boards and commissions, including previous Chairperson of the HANO Resident Loan Corporation and current 2nd Vice President of the Citywide Tenants Organization, Inc. She is committed to improving the quality of lives for individuals and families in her neighborhood. Donna also advocated for the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Greater New Orleans Foundation, Urban League of Greater New Orleans and the St. Thomas/Irish Channel Consortium- just to name a few of the organizations that she has been affiliated with. She is an impactful public speaker and community organizer. Her unique talents, training and experiences has afforded her the opportunity to effectively communicate to HANO residents, whether it’s a street corner or in HANO’s board room. The good news is that she knows her way around both.

A 25 year cancer survivor, Donna has worked and fought all of her adult life as an advocate for children, individuals and families with a feverish audacity and tenacity as if her life (or somebody’s life) depended upon the outcome. She is also the co-founder and executive board member of “Moms Against Violence,” comprised of mothers who lost a child or children as a result of crime and/or violence. They provide conflict resolution, counseling and mediation services as well as experienced motherly hugs and/or wisdom as needed.

Prior to her full time involvement as acting President of B.W. Cooper Resident Management Corporation, Ms. Johnigan was employed by Agenda for Children where she fought for federally funded assistance for low income working families for childcare services.

Today, Ms. Johnigan spends her time working for policies that allow formerly incarcerated persons to be properly re-entered into society within the affordable housing industry through effective procedures prior to the release of those individuals.